Along with the quality curriculum, First Baptist Accelerated Academy offers a robust enrichment program above and beyond the norm.

  Ashtyn Skeleton


Currently, Enrichment at the Accelerated Academy is achieved through the teaching of Latin. Throughout history this was a fundamental element in every child's education. Through the teaching of Latin, it has been shown that students gain a much deeper and richer understanding of English. This helps the students in many ways, including their performance in testing and in college.


One upcoming project is the "Robotics Program." Utilizing the talent of several engineers on our Board of Advisors we are able to provide students with a practical application of math and science in a way that is fun.

Additionally, with the development of our professionally designed art center students will be able to explore the arts in the way of ceramics, graphic design, music production, painting, drawing, and photography. In a time where many schools are discontinuing their art programs we strongly believe that the incorporation of art into a child's life is crucial in developing them as a well-rounded individual.