Frequently Asked Questions

How does Accelerated Academy work?
The Accelerated Academy works by combining an award-winning curriculum with state-of-the-art technology to customize an educational experience unique to each child. Then, each child is challenged to increasingly "accelerate" his or her studies with excellence as the goal.

How does the curriculum compare to public schools?
The success of the millions of children using our curriculum over a number of years demonstrates the excellence of our curriculum. Students who metriculate through the curriculum we use consistently outscore public school students on standardized tests. Simply stated: students using our curriculum do quite well.

How does it compare to private schools?
Simply because a school is "private" as opposed to "public" does not mean that school is an excellent place for a child to be educated. The issue is if the education being provided in a given private school is academically superior. The Accelerated Academy is academically superior and dynamically Christian in a state-of-the-art computer environment. We believe it is not just "private" education -- it is better education by any standard of measure.

Why is there no homework?
We believe that an active family life is a key component to a child's overall development. We do not feel it is necessary or healthy to encroach upon time with the family by extending the school day. It should be noted that while the Accelerated Academy does not regularly assign "homework" as such, there are often project and enrichment exercises the students complete within the context of family life. We like to remind parents: "Every place is a classroom and every experience is a lesson."

How can you help?

We believe all children are gifted -- period. Children do progress more efficiently when barriers are removed. We remove barriers by providing an academically challenging, character enhancing, and motivating educational experience unique to each child. We reject a "one-size-fits-all" mentality.

How can you help?

We have numerous professionals on our Board of Advisors that can help set up a tutoring program for any child -- regardless of the subject. We can help a child who is behind by designing their educational experience so that they can have immediate success. Success is the antidote for failure and success is built into each child's experience.