3rd through 12th grade

individualized learning

Every student that enters into the Accelerated Academy is given the opportunity to excel exactly where they are at. They are not expected to know what they haven't yet learned or what they do not understand. Instead, each student is able to receive developmentally appropriate, individualized instruction that is at their current level. This is made possible by our computerized core curriculum, which allows the students to move at their own pace. As students work through their self-guided curriculum they are able to spend the necessary amount of time on lessons to master competency, while still receiving assistance from the classroom instructor when necessary. By having each student work independently it eliminates the need for a traditional classroom model, where every student is limited by the teachers instruction. In this type of model students are required to be at the exact same spot at the exact same time, regardless of if they understand the instruction or not. In this model students who need extra help from the teacher are unable to receive it, and students who have a thorough understanding are withheld from progressing further. In our Accelerated Academy model students have the opportunity move ahead in their curriculum when possible, but to also spend additional time on a specific subject if needed.

Guided progress and development

Allowing students to work at their own pace provides the staff with the opportunity incorporate the development of personal responsibility and time management skills. Beginning to learn this starting in third grade prepares students to be successful in college and in the work force as they develop traits that will carry on with them far beyond the Accelerated Academy. This is yet another aspect of Developing World Changing Ambassadors for Christ.