Further developing the educational experience, an emphasis is placed on exposing the students to a number of courses beyond their core curriculum. Each enrichment course is designed to provide the students with the opportunity to be stretched intellectually, artistically, or physically, fully understanding that succeeding in one area often benefits the others.

Classical Studies

Beginning in 3rd grade our students enter into their classical studies journey with their first course in Latin. They continue taking higher level Latin courses through 8th grade. In high school, students progress into philosophy, rhetoric, and Greek. 

Each classical studies course develops critical thinking skills, reasoning, and enhances their understanding of language. These courses challenge students to think independently and develop individualized thoughts and understanding. As they move beyond the classroom they are able to clearly articulate their position on matters and defend their beliefs.

Artistic Expression

God is the creator of all things beautiful and the gift of art is something to be treasured. Regardless of their ability level, every student is given the opportunity to try their hand at a number of artistic mediums. Whether it is paint, pencil, clay, or digital, students explore the world around by identifying the majestic creations of our God and creating a few of their own. 

In addition to the art program, students also participate in Music and Production, where every student in 3rd grade and up learn to play an instrument of their choice and participate in yearly productions, such as musicals and choir performances. From start to finish, students sing, act, dance, and operate the behind the scenes production, such as sound, lighting, and set design.

Science Labs

In conjunction with the science curriculum, students experience

hands-on learning in our state-of-the-art science lab. With the use of microscopes, bunsen burners, prisms, and an array of other resources, students develop a greater understanding of how the world around them functions. 

By incorporating experimentation students are able to tangibly experience how God's hand is at work. They delve into greater understanding, which spurs their curiosity and desire to learn even more. 

Physical education

Developing a healthy body is just as important as developing a healthy mind. That is why students are trained to take care of their bodies by staying physically active. Through cardiovascular exercise and playing  sports and games, students keep fit while having fun.

Through basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and an array of other fun activities students gain athletic skills and learn the rules and techniques to enjoy themselves while playing new sports. In addition, students strengthen their muscles and develop endurance through stretches, athletic drills, and running.