Kindergarten through second grade

Developing a love for learning

Children are inquisitive and curious by nature and they enjoy exploring the world around them. If at a young age they are provided with the opportunity to harness their curiosity, given the tools to explore appropriately, and are encouraged to work diligently they will develop an appreciation and love for learning that will carry on beyond the classroom. This belief is what motivates and guides us in our work with our youngest students in our combined Kindergarten through 2nd grade classroom.

Focusing on hands-on learning with a developmentally appropriate curriculum, combined with extensive one-on-one attention in a classroom with a 10/1 student teacher ratio, our students receive comprehensive instruction, which allows them to meet, and exceed, traditional developmental goals.

Throughout the day our students are guided through their age appropriate, individualized curriculum, which covers subjects such as language, math, history, science, and bible. Our very comprehensive curriculum surpasses traditional standards and challenges students to do their best. An emphasis on becoming excellent readers and writers is also integrated into every subject, which equips students to thrive. Beginning in Kindergarten our students start their reading journey, learn to write in print and cursive, and begin to understand their individuality and uniqueness. Continuing through 1st and 2nd grade those skills are strengthened and additional focus is placed on mastering primary concepts, while continually learning new ideas and skills and growing in their love for God and others. All of this is accomplished through designated instruction and seat work, combined with group projects, guided play, interactive centers, and quarterly off-campus field trips. It is through this program and the special care and attention given by the loving teachers, that our students become confident, caring, and courageous individuals who are prepared to continue on in their learning adventure.

Stand out benefits

  • Small class size

    With a student to teacher ratio of 10/1 every child receives ample one-on-one attention, allowing them to receive support when needed and encouragement throughout the day.

  • Hands on learning

    Throughout the day students are able to freely move around the brightly designed classroom to explore a variety of centers and do fun activities that reinforce and enhance concepts learned in the curriculum.

  • individualized curriculum

    God has created every person uniquely and each person has unique talents. With this in mind we have created a program that allows each student to work at their appropriate level, receiving individualized support to meet their personal goals, and allowing others to move ahead when possible.


    Children do best when they feel comfortable enough to be themselves. Each child is encouraged to discover what makes them unique and also to celebrate the uniqueness of others. Through this the students learn to support one another and develop a genuine care and concern for their classmates, which creates a fun and loving classroom environment.