At the Accelerated Academy it is our desire to create an educational experience where students enjoy being at school and have fun while there. We also believe that the more students can interact with each other during special activities or on field trips the more they grow in their relationships. That is why we have quarterly on-campus activities and off-campus field trips, which are used to enhance the students love for learning and growing in their relationships with one another.

Science camp, plays and musicals, Pi-Day, costume contests, family fun nights, service projects, and trips to the museum are just a few of the activities that all the students enjoy, and additional trips and activities are designed for individual grade levels as well. Through this experiential learning students apply concepts presented in their curriculum and have fun while doing it. 

As a part of developing the overall character of the students, opportunities to give back are also incorporated. Homeless outreach, community work days, and natural disaster relief are a few ways the gospel is communicated through the lives of the students and a focus of "considering other more important than yourselves" (Phil. 2:3) is developed in their lives