Since the very beginning, our goal has been to focus first on a child's character, encouraging students to be good stewards of their minds and to instruct them with Biblical Truth. In doing so, the child learns to put God first in their life, resulting in them doing their best in order to bring glory to Him.  We believe that, although a high priority is placed on academics and our rigorous program fully prepares students for success, without strong morals and an exemplary character the child is unable to be all that God has created them to be. 

The success of our program comes from the combination of our Student Triangle, Individualized Curriculum, Classical Studies Component and Hands-On Learning. It is these three focuses that allow us to provide a distinctively Christian, academically rigorous education, equipping students to be world-changing ambassadors for Christ.

our triangle model

In all that we do character development is incorporated, but we also realize that adequately developing

students requires an investment from the family and the church as well. When each side of this triangle

(Family, Church, School) are operating in the way in which they should, the most ideal environment

is created for students to grow. That is why our triangle model is at the center of all that we do.

FamilyWe desire to help build strong families that know and love truth. Our goal is to come alongside families by building bridges to connect the home and the school, redefining the traditional idea of parental involvement, which excludes parents from their child's education. We understand that, although the school does influence the students, it is the parents that should hold the greatest influence in their lives. Therefore, instead of separating the home and school it is our desire to reinstate the role of the parents in the school and the overall upbringing of their children.

Church- It is essential that the student and their family be faithfully committed to a local church and actively involved. It is also important that the church supports the mission of First Baptist Accelerated Academy and understands the value of a distinctively Christian education, providing a unified and consistent message, pushing them to Godly living. Simply put, a student cannot become all that God has created them to be if they are not receiving and applying biblical teaching and serving in the local church. 

School- Realizing that God has created every child uniquely, FBAA is a non-traditional, highly selective school that promotes individualized education, so that each student can be viewed as their own person. By using an exhaustive and challenging computer-based curriculum, coupled with enhanced learning courses, such as music theory and production, art, science labs, P.E., Latin, Greek, and Logic, students receive a well-rounded, thorough education that prepares them to meet the challenges of life far beyond the classroom.